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Macks Pillow Soft 6x10=60 Par ørepropper

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Modelnummer : P10X-27.328PS2106

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Mack’s Pillow Soft er USA's mest solgte ørepropper!  Silikonepropperne er nemme at forme så de passer i øret.
Disse ørepropper anvendes til næsten alle formål. De fleste anvender propperne i forbindelse med snorkende partnere, når de svømmer/tager brusebad, studerer, kører på motorcykel eller lytter til høj musik. Ørepropperne er i princippet beregnet til engangsbrug, men kan dog anvendes op til 4 gange.
60 par!!

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22 dB
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60 Par

How long can I re-use the earplugs before they need to be replaced?

The earplugs may be re-used until they are dirty or no longer sticky (up to 5 uses). Keeping your hands and ears clean and dry prior to handling/applying the earplugs will help prolong the useable life of the earplugs.

What are the silicone earplugs made of and do they contain latex?

The earplugs are made of moldable, non-irritating silicone rubber and do not contain any latex.

Can the earplugs be cleaned?

No. Keeping your hands and ears clean and dry prior to handling/applying the earplugs will help prolong the useable life of the earplugs.

Are there any additional application tips to help me get an airtight / watertight seal with the earplugs?

First try re-reading the directions, then apply a fresh pair of earplugs, making sure your hands and ears are clean and dry. Moldable silicone earplugs are designed to stick to the surface of a clean, dry ear. If the earplugs are being used in a moist and/or dirty environment, be sure the hands and ears are clean and dry before applying or re-inserting the earplugs or a proper seal may not be achieved. A sign that you have achieved a proper seal is that your own voice will sound more internal and exaggerated. Lastly, try covering the ear canal with the earplug starting from the rear and moving toward the face. This technique squeezes out some of the air in the ear canal before sealing it shut, thus creating a bit of a suction effect. This last technique takes a little practice but creates an excellent seal when done correctly.

Can I break the earplugs in half for smaller sized ears?

No. The earplugs are designed to cover the ear canal. Breaking them into smaller pieces may cause the user to push the earplug into the ear canal making it more difficult to remove. We recommend using Mack's® Kid's Size Silicone Earplugs for children six and under.

Will the earplugs melt if they are exposed to warm temperatures?

Absolutely not. The earplugs may become slightly more pliable when exposed to warm temperatures, but never viscous. Each batch of material is stability tested in our lab at over 350 degrees F. (The typical temperature for a hot tub and sauna is 104 degrees F and 170 degrees F respectively.) To date, not a single test has shown positive results for melting or shape transformation (instability).

Are the moldable silicone earplugs safe to use for flying discomfort? If so, when and how do I use them?

These earplugs have been used while flying since the early 1960's and our users report them to be safe and effective for reducing flying discomfort. In addition, Dr. Ira Rubin, MD, PhD has found Mack's® Pillow Soft® Silicone earplugs to be an effective tool in preventing ear pain in children, especially infants, during plane trips. As he is quoted in a leading pediatric journal: "When molded to the ear canal, they protect the ear from painful air pressure changes and reduce noise as well. Parents report that ear plugs work especially well with infants when left in place for the entire flight. I suggest a trial run a week before the trip if parents anticipate a child's refusing to leave the ear plugs in place."

It is believed that the plugs slow down and/or decrease the effects of the pressure changes, thus allowing the ears more time to respond and equalize. As mentioned above, another manner by which the plugs help is by lowering the noise levels in the cabin allowing the user to rest, thus helping combat the effects of jet lag. The benefit of this rest is twofold in that is also helps calm and relax the "tense" flyer, thus allowing them to equalize more effectively. If you are suffering from an ear health condition, we recommend you consult an E.N.T. (ear, nose, and throat doctor) before flying while using the earplugs.

As the earplugs are only to be used as an aid, the user needs to take an active roll in trying to prevent the onset of the discomfort. The person should try to stay ahead of and prevent the discomfort by trying to "clear" their ears by one of the various known methods. This is especially important during descent when most of the discomfort occurs. One of the methods involves plugging the nose while applying slight blowing pressure while holding one's breath. Another method is to chew gum. It is not the gum itself, but the wide opening motion of the jaw and the act of swallowing that helps aid in the equalization process. Therefore, either faking it or merely munching on some snacks can achieve the same results.

We recommend wearing the earplugs the entire flight, up until the airplane has landed and the cabin has been depressurized.


Nedenfor finder du en tabel over dæmpeevnen for pågældende produkt. Tabellen viser, hvor mange decibel (dB) lyd bliver dæmpet ved hvilken frekvens (Hz). Tabellen læses fra venstre til højre; frekvens, lav til høj. Jo højere frekvens, des højere tone.



Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000
Avg. Attenuation (dB) 23.7 23.3 25.0 27.3 34.3 39.2 38.9 38.2 37.4
Std Deviation (dB)
4.0 3.6 2.8 2.7 4.0 4.3 4.2 4.5 4.5
NRR=22 dB

For at bestemme den bedste hørebeskyttelse for dig personligt, bør du undersøge frekvensen i miljøet, du søger beskyttelse i.

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